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This page is to show some music pieces included in video.
All videos (except those from competitions) are filmed and compiled by Arthur Neeman.

DC's Stargirl Rescore Competition (2021)

Another interesting contest, which I didn't start for a long time until there were a few days left until the deadline, because I really didn't understand how to deal with the huge amount of sound effects in the film. But then came the muse and all the music was made in 3 hours.

Joker Trailer Rescore Competition (2020)

In 2020 a Facebook group offered a competition to rescore this trailer. They gave video without music. This musical version took 1st place.

Spitfire Audio Westworld Scoring Competition 2020

A Little Demo Reel 2020

Trailer for book presentation

Composing meal

This video created as promotional video for wife's recipes used in books of series "Anna Elisabeth Investigates".
This video contains three compositions from latest album Millectrinium (2018) - Move You, Dance on the Roof and Sleeping City.

Demo of album "Millectrinium" (2018)

Album is available to listen and buy online at Bandcamp.

Celebration fireworks to celebrate 100th Anniversary of Proclamation of the State of Latvia

This was a very small fireworks and not in capital of the state and not right on November 18 as it should be. This happens in small city Jaunbērze a day earlier than official anniversary. But anyway me and my wife was excited to take part in this celebration. The background music To the Sun was taken from album Oracle (2017).

Sicario-2 Movie Trailer music replacement demo

A little insight into Arthur's music

Some other videos and demos you can find in Arthur Neeman's profile on YouTube.

Werewolf of Curland

Some strings from a deep